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Some Videos…

Here are a few videos of some of the songs we play. Most of these were filmed with the current line-up of the band (John, Arthur & Robbie) at a concert in June 2013.  Another page will appear in the fullness of time…

Murphy’s Bar - this is a song about what happened one night in a bar called Murphy’s…

One from the Furey’s - Sweet Sixteen, played by Robbie and John

A couple of jigs - the Humours of Glendart and Morrison’s Jig

Carrickfergus - John singing this lovely ballad.  The video was shot at the Old Ship Inn in Macclesfield.

Ireland’s a State of the Heart - the title song of the band’s latest CD.

And one for landlords everywhere - Drink Boys Drink - with the world’s best motto: “Support your local landlord - and drink more beer!”

And a song from the earliest of times of troubles - the Black & Tans

The Band’s thanks go to Matt Duffy of the Wirral Music Factory for the bulk of these videos.

Oh, and here’s Dingle’s Regatta, which is not entirely serious.

Star of the County Down

She’s whirling & twirling,     twirling & whirling,        under the Belfast Moon

And one for the navvies - All the Way from Donegal to build our roads.