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These are some of the songs and tunes that we play during a night - not always all of them as we have a repertoire of hundreds of songs and tend to vary the sets so that we don’t forget too many of them as time goes on.

State of the Heart is one of our (and our fans’) favourites and, written by Arthur, has more or less become the band’s theme song.  The Black and Tans is an old traditional song that goes back to the bad years of Ireland’s history with England.

Bless Me Father, Dingles Regatta, Balfast Moon and Mrs McGarrity’s Dance (again all written by Arthur) are a few not so serious looks at Irish culture, while John’s versions of the Mountains of Mourne and Danny Boy show the other side of the coin.

The band play a few sets of tunes as the night goes on - Off to California (here played entirely by Robbie), a set of jigs (Humors and Morrisons) and another of reels (Soldier’s Joy and Whisky before Breakfast) get the feet tapping, while the old schoolyard favourite of I’ll Tell Me Ma gets the dancing going.

And then there’s All the Way from Donegal - a song celebrating the navvies who, leaving their homes and families, came across and built most of what still works in England - roads, bridges, canals… and, according to John and Robbie, in their spare time put together the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning tower of Pisa and possibly the Taj Mahal.

The Fields of Athenry (taken from our first CD, made back in 2009) has always been a strong favourite both of the band and our audiences, as have the Star of the County Down and Carrickfergus, all superbly sung here by John.

There’s a set of reels - the Redhaired boy and the Maid Behind the Bar and the not entirely serious story of what went on one night at Murphy’s Bar.

Where would we be without the Irish?  We would certainly be short of some great music…



Many of the Band’s songs were written by Arthur Marshall, and you can hear more of these on his website: arthurmarshall.co.uk