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kiss the blarney had an extremely successful year in 2011 and look to repeat the same in the current year.

We've played pubs and clubs, in marquees and out in the open air, for the usual pub audiences who flock to hear the old and new Irish songs and tunes,  for wedding receptions and beer festivals.  We've played short sets, long sets and on one or two occasions extremely long sets - in general, we like to fill the time available to us rather than sticking rigidly to the usual two 45 minute spots of most bands.

We send at least a couple of posters to the organisers of the gig about four weeks in advance and can always send more if required - and if you want to get an idea of what the band sounds like (in addition to the tracks on the music page), we will send you a demo CD and a leaflet about the band.

We try to do as much advertising that we can ourselves - not only by keeping this list up to date but we have a fair few people who phone us up to find out where we are and who pass the word around among themselves so that they are aware when we are playing anywhere in their locality.  We have a dedicated Facebook page which is kept up to date with information about the band.

All our gigs are announced on local radio.  We try to contact the "What's On" pages of any of the local papers although these guides to local entertainment seem to be harder to find - please email us with any contacts that you might think are useful so we can add them to our lists.

 If you would like a band poster to stick up somewhere, please feel free to download (right click and save) the picture below, print it out and use it at your leisure.