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Irish music for those who love Irish music

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Ring Arthur on

01625 474588

07957 768898


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We are a three piece band of long standing (and occasionally sitting), having played around the Staffordshire and Cheshire area for the past dozen or so years.

We play Irish music, everything from the old traditional songs to new material, with a sprinkling of jigs, reels and hornpipes to add zest to the mix.

The stage tends to be littered with a vast number of instruments, as all three of us play several - there are guitars, banjos, whistles, saxes, fiddles, mandolins, basses, sometimes even melodeons and accordions. I may have forgotten several…

We play for birthday parties, weddings, celebrations of all sorts - wherever some cheerful music is required, there we will be.

There are some recordings of the band on the music page of this site and some video clips of us on stage as well - check us out and get in touch!

Arthur’s latest solo CDs

We’re all either having a year off or on holiday.

It’s been a lot of fun playing over the last ten years or so, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be playing again until March 2019, when we shall burst back into life with renewed vigour, if slightly less hair…

If you’re feeling nostalgic, though, you can browse the rest of the site to remember what we were like!