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Irish music for those who love Irish music

Come and see us on the 2018 Farewell Tour:

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Alternatively, you can always email me from here, call us on 01625 474588 or check us out on our Facebook page.

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Introducing the band

To contact the band,

Ring Arthur on

01625 474588


07957 768898

Friday 16 February: Rose & Crown, Biddulph Moor

Friday 23 February: Old Swan, Madeley

Friday 2nd March: The Salt Barge, Marston, Northwich

Saturday 10 March: St Mary’s Centre, Congleton

Friday 16 March: Broken Cross Club, Macclesfield*

St Patrick’s Day

Saturday 17 March: Crosville Club, Crewe*

Sadly, after the St Patrick’s day gig on March 17th, the Blarney are largely calling it a day.

Over the last ten years, we have enjoyed playing for weddings, parties, beer festivals and suchlike, but the favourite of our venues has always been the local pub.

But as the years has gone on, and the breweries close more and more of them down and flog them off for housing, there have been fewer and fewer places that we and our style of music fit into until we have, at last, had to decide that we too have to call “time”.

So there it is. We are still available if you fancy an Irish night for your wedding or your birthday party, and there will still be fiddles and banjos, guitars and mandolins, bass guitars and even the odd accordion.

But I’m afraid you won’t  be seeing Arthur, John and Robbie down the local again -  don’t think though that we haven’t appreciated your support in the past, because we have.  

It wouldn’t have been half the fun without you…